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Benefits of Membership

  • Expanded research and analytics. The HFPP is the only organization where partners can combine data with CMS data to gain heightened anti-fraud insights. The aggregated data, across public and private sectors, provide partners with broader visibility into the universe of payments beyond their own claims.
  • Gain and share insights and fraud prevention techniques. The HFPP brings together leading anti-fraud experts to identify emerging threats and design new methods to combat them. The forum of the HFPP also provides opportunities to leverage the collective experiences of a wide range of partners to educate external audiences and promote action. Partners who participate in the HFPP have greater insight into potential fraudulent activities that affects businesses.
  • Validate findings and streamline fraud detection.  By contributing claims data and conducting studies through a Trusted Third Party (TTP), each participating organization can reap the benefits of cross-sector analysis while maintaining the anonymity of their data. The TTP will de-identify each data source and share results of studies at the aggregate level.
  • Develop relationships.  The HFPP provides the opportunity to build a network with other industry professionals through a number of face-to-face meetings.
  • Share outcomes experienced as a result of HFPP.  Insights gained through fraud alerts, leads, and studies results enables partners to take actions to stop payments from going out the door.  Partners have the opportunity to share the impact HFPP has had on their operations.

Learn more about HFPP and how to become an HFPP partner.